入寮希望日入力フォーム / Move-In date Entry Form

受験番号/学籍番号 Examination ID Number/Student ID Number
受付番号 Application Number
氏名 Name (In English)
Please enter a space between first and last name.
氏名(ヨミガナ) Name in Katakana (if possible)
Please enter a space between first and last name.
電話番号(日中連絡の付く番号のこと) Mobile phone number
Please enter information without hyphen (-) or brackets. Enter numbers in single-byte characters.
メールアドレス E-mail Address
Make sure mails can be received from "sit-dormitory@ow.shibaura-it.ac.jp".
入寮希望日 Move-In date
入寮希望時刻 Move-In Time
入寮時連絡事項 Move-In special requirement (if any)

・引越荷物の搬入(宅配便を含む)は入居日以降に行ってください。 居室への荷物の搬入、管理人室での保管は行っていません。
Your luggage have to be carried or sent after your Move-in date.
No storage service , Make sure to write your Room Number, Arriving Date and Time when you send your luggage and receive by yourself.

There is limited parking space. Parking time limit is 2hours.
自動車で荷物を搬入しますか? Will you use a vehicle to bring your luggage?        
車の種別 Vehicle type 「はい」の場合には、以下のいずれかを選択
If yes, select one of the following.
備考(搬入日時が入寮希望日時と異なる場合はご記入下さい) Remarks (Fill in Luggage-In date, only If your Luggage-In date is different from Move-in date.)

Check the information. If OK, press SUBMIT.